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tv   DW News  PBS  February 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news light from berlin. tonight, the two state solution for israel and the palestinians. no longer a must for the united states. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. president donald trump say they are ready to abandon a two state solution for the mideast conflict. what does that mean for the hopes of peas in the region -- peace in the region? also, coming up, jim maddox tells allies to increase defense spending by the end of the year, or washington will reduce its support. and, we will have more from the berlin film festival tonight. our film buffs are there.
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>> hi, yes, we are at the world premiere of the film, "return to montauk." we will give you are take on the film. >> coming up. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us tonight. u.s. president donald trump has ditched years of american policy guidelines on the middle east. speaking alongside israel's benjamin netanyahu in talks in washington, trump says he is not committed to creating a palestinian state. he also held his unbreakable -- the american unbreakable bond with israel saying, "a path to peace will be determined by the
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israelis and palestinians themselves." >> when benjamin netanyahu and his wife, sarah, arrived at the white house, it was a reunion of sorts. the two men go back a long time. trump was a staunch advocate for israel throughout his campaign. soon after taking office, israel announced thousands of homes in the west bank. trump asked israel to suspend production. president trump: as far as settlements, i would like to see you hold back on settlements for a bit. we will work something out. a deal will be made. >> when asked if the u.s. will continue its support for a two state solution, trump departed from washington's long-standing position. president trump: i am looking at
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two state and wednesday, and i like the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. >> trump also said he is carefully considering moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. prime minister netanyahu: i certainly welcome your forthright call to ensure that israel is treated fairly in international forms and the slander and boycotts of israel armistice that -- are resisted by the moral power of the united states of america. >> people will be watching what effect the new relationship will have on the ground in the middle east. brent: we want to bring in our correspondent in washington. she is on the story for us this evening. good evening to you. how would you read what we just saw between these two leaders? has the u.s. abandoned its commitment to the two state
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solution for good? >> we have to look back to the campaign when donald trump had to start taking policy positions on israel. he was extremely muscular in his language, supporting israel, saying, he would allow them to build edelman, and pretty much as soon as he took office, he backed away from that language. what we heard today is a huge out faith in terms of policy for peace, what it has been for decades. trump saying, we will let them taking the fonseca -- front seat, and support whatever they decide. this will be a really big boom to the right way and in israel, who believes of one state solution is really the only
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answer. brent: we know that the candidate donald trump have spoken directly to the right-wing in the coalition. is president trump, is he the same as candidate trump, when it comes to policy with israel? >> we know that he certainly learned a lot more about the situation in the middle east, if he is going to his security briefings. we also know that he wants to have a much warmer relationship with netanyahu then obama had. what you saw today with them trying to tout this new reset in the israel-u.s. relationship, saying that they have known each other for a long time, they know each other's families here and we know that trump wants to have these close ties with israel. netanyahu will be leaning on this during the rest of his term to check on site -- check off
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the items on his agenda as well. brent: that was mya reporting from washington. we are receiving unconfirmed reports that donald trump has tapped a vice admiral to replace michael flynn as security advisor. those are unconfirmed reports. we will let you know as soon as we know more. meanwhile, the u.s. defense secretary has been on his first visit to nato headquarters in brussels. european partners hoped for affirmation on u.s. participation. >> it was a warm welcome for the u.s. secretary, but live dogmatics -- mad dog maddox arrived with an ultimatum.
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>> it is important that those carried their necessary share defending freedom. >> many were already unsettled by u.s. president donald trump's comments questioning the allies. the u.s. is by far the most powerful nato member. europeans have been bracing for tough demands to increase their contribution. >> the americans are right and it is only fair that we contribute more and share the burden. and, we are committed to reaching that goal. >> the summit in brussels comes amid concerns over the new ties with russia. it also follows reports that
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russia violated a landmark arms treaty by deploying a missile. >> the challenges we face are the most complex and demanding of our generation. neither europe nor north america can tackle them alone. >> on his first trip to europe, maddox has set the course for the future of the alliance and its largest member. brent: our correspondent has been following that meeting in brussels at the nato hair orders -- headquarters. it is interesting, the united states is demanding that the other nato allies pay more. there seems to be resistance to that. everyone agrees it is a good idea, but the question is will they do that? what have you been hearing? will they follow through on what they promise? >> there is a lot of unity,
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actually. what you hear from the ministers . it sounds like everybody agrees, as you said,sed fearing it is f, it has been quiet a roller coaster ride in spite of that. maddox's visit was highly anticipated. when he came and said, this is a second home, everyone was really relieved to hear his commitment. it sounds like we're back on track, data will move forward. then, he came with the threat, he threatened, demanded, actually, to raise the national security budgets. that is something that has been stressed before. 22 out of 28 countries have already done so. there is a lot of confusion here right now in brussels. many countries have raised their
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budgets. this is basically the core of that threat. brent: our correspondent oliver there at the nato headquarters in brussels. thank you very much. we know emotions can run high in some parts of the world when the name of the new u.s. president is mentioned. an athlete in mexico city is taking full advantage of that in the lucha libre circuit. >> it could be the orange tan applied, or the blind main -- blonde mane that strikes a cord, but it is this schtick that strikes a court. sam polanski is the guy that
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mexicans most love to hate. >> i hear it all. the mexican fans screaming the worst expletives at me, throwing beer at me, throwing popcorn at me, being as resentful as possible, but generally, they like to get a picture of me, and get an autograph with me -- from me. >> let me offer a spoiler alert. sam lost this match, and loses a lot more than he wins. >> this guy comes in here with a trump fly. that is why they picked -- they kicked his butt. >> sam finally met his nightly faint -- fate. as ever, he left happy, as did the lucha libre sense -- fans.
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brent: time for two people who do not need the lucha libre circuit to show you the star world. we want to go to the berlin film festival tonight. tonight's premiere was "return to montauk." tell us more. >> that's right. a short time ago, we had the world premiere of that film. stars and the director took to the red carpet. honestly, the fans went crazy. >> the director got an oscar back in 1980. also, "death of a salesman." quiet a heavyweight -- a heavyweight.
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>> was really impressed by nina hoss. she worked it in a really warm red coat. it is pretty cold at the moment. >> it is a german practicality for you. it is winter, where a coat. -- wear a coat. >> when she took it off, she had a blouse. i'm not so sure about that. >> a little judgmental. >> let's talk about the film. a man ends up going to montauk, as the film suggests. >> the film is much more about regret them love itself. i don't know about you, i could not connect. the word that flashed across my mind was "self-indulgence." >> i was looking forward to this
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story. when there our tears on screen, there are tears from me. but, dry eyes all around. >> and actor was considered for this, but it said he was not old enough to portray the tragedy. >> a real tragedy. brent: briefly -- we are out of time. i'm told we are out of time. guys, david and charlotte on the red carpet, thank you so much. you are watching dw news berlin. still to come. german authorities say they have raided the homes of four imams. they say they have been spying on the turkish government.
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we will be right back. ♪
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brent: welcome back to dw news live in burnett -- berlin. benjamin netanyahu and u.s. president donald trump have reconfirmed the lines between their countries. other talk in washington, they say they could abandon the long-standing to state solution for the middle east conflict. authorities in germany have rated the apartments of four -- raided the apartments of four imams. no arrests were made in the
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raids. i am joined now by our political correspondent. no arrests were made, but did authorities find any evidence? anything they were looking for? >> they confiscated means of communication, mobile phones and computers. the aim is to get more evidence on the subject. the organization itself said they will assist in the investigation. at the same time, they showed some irritation on the website, saying the raids irritated the turkish and muslim community.
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brent: the four leaders pass on information to the muslim consulate. isn't that what a hostile government would do? >> germany and turkey are allies. angela merkel visited ankara at the beginning of february. the turkish government is also -- always highly suspicious, especially in the context of the guzman movement -- gulan movement. germany is highly critical of that. during her visit, chancellor angela merkel said to president erdogan, in a democracy, you have to cope with opposition.
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that is daily business. she also urged him to stand up for freedom of speech and human rights. brent: is there any indication that german citizens have maybe been spied on? >> sure. a lot of turkish citizens have dual citizenship. brent: thank you very much. >> you are welcome. brent: to paris now where finally demonstrations continue, following reports of an alleged rape of a young man by french police. a few hundred protesters clash with police in demonstrations in the suburbs of paris. just over a week ago, a 21-year-old black man was allegedly raped after an identity check. demonstrations have already led to more than 200 arrests.
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one of the world's oldest carmakers is set for a sale. daniel: general motors head is on the defensive today. she is looking to convince german authorities that selling will be beneficial for the country at the workers. they would be forced to overhaul the country, something that has germans nervous. >> a light has been shed at the headquarters. the general motors head has been the to employees, but stayed out of sight. opel workers already knew what was on her mind before she arrived. she sent a letter, possibly
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putting thousands of jobs on the line. the scale of a potential shakeup is caused to -- could cause the german government worried. >> [translated} we place great value on jobs in germany that are just. talks are taking place at different levels. with opel and general motors, but also on the french side. concern is not only mounting in germany. in the u.k., it union representatives are lobbying the government to make sure they protect jobs at opel's sister company. >> we need to be prepared -- we
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are not prepared to accept a single job loss in britain. britain is a huge market. it is the face -- fifth biggest market in the world for them. >> it is not just the workers in question. the future strategy is looking in question too. they were to move to eat cars -- e-cars by 2030. the talks caught them by surprise. daniel: lufthansa accepting a proposal from an arbitrator that includes a wage increase. highlights -- highlands would get a one off payment between
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five or 6 million euros. they still have to vote on the deal. the eu parliament has said yes to a free-trade deal with canada. it will save half a billion euros per year, boosting the economy, but opposition has been fused from protesters calling get an erosion of standards and rule of law. >> dozens of protesters tried to block the entrance to the european parliament in strasburg , in a last-ditch effort to stop the free-trade deal. >> this is a deal that does not represent the public's interest. it represents the corporate interest. it is a bad deal. >> multinationals can legally
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challenge our countries. >> inside the parliament, there was heated debate, but after three hours, lawmakers agreed to the deal. 300 delegates voted in favor with 254 against. not the symbolic vote that they were hoping for, but it clears the deal. >> it was a vote for engagement with the rest of the world. a vote showing that europe has self-confidence. it is a vote against fear, or denying the narrative of fear for europeans. >> the eu and canada officially signed the deal in october with a green light from the european parliament, the deal can be partially implemented. up to 98% of tariffs on the two
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sides will be eliminated, potentially increasing trade by 28%. >> you are setting the global gold standard for the trade agreement for the 21st century. i am extremely happy about the outcome of today's vote. >> on thursday, canadian prime minister justin trudeau will address the parliament. after that, the horses will have to write onto the capitals of the european states -- ride on to the capitals of the european states. daniel: that is all for business. you have a cracking story next. brent: blistering temperatures is nothing new for australia. an officer was able to fry an
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egg on the hood of his car. temperatures peaked at 47 degrees celsius. forecasts showed no signs of cooling. the video is red-hot with over 3 million views. heavy snowfall continues to hit turkey with the eastern region under heavy snow. the cold weather leaves most humans shivering, but for these camels, it is clearly a source of enjoyment. for some, it was an apparent welcome opportunity for us no better -- a snow bath. watch out for these frisky camels. here is reminder of the top story we following. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. president donald trump have reaffirmed their lines in talks in
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washington. they have signaled that they could abandon the long-standing to state solution for the mideast conflict. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. ♪
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